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The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS) oversees 6 colleges and 3 schools which cover all undergraduate programs provided by UC. The School of Undergraduate Studies does not only supervise the undergraduate programs, but it also provides all means of assistance to achieve excellence in education and research since it believes that undergraduate studies is the foundation of success for students in their future careers and lives. The undergraduate programs give students a golden opportunity to learn both hard skills and soft skills with other students of various backgrounds. The School of Undergraduate Studies is very proud of its graduates who are employed in various positions of all sectors in Cambodia. Their success is the implication of the strong commitment of The University of Cambodia in building strong human resources for the development of Cambodia who will make a positive change not only in the country but also in the region and the world as a whole.


  • To achieve national prominence for undergraduate studies that emphasizes SUS is a center of excellence in education and research to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.


  • To provide undergraduate students with integrated academic experiences and best learning services that will enable them to successfully achieve their goals as leaders.


  • To expand and promote an interdisciplinary research program
  • To enrich the learning experiences of undergraduate students
  • To create a foundation for ongoing academic success

The six colleges and three schools that are under the supervision of SUS are:

  1. College of Arts and Humanities
  2. College of Education
  3. College of Law
  4. College of Media and Communication
  5. College of Science and Technology
  6. College of Social Sciences
  7. School of Creative Arts
  8. School of Foreign Languages
  9. The Tony Fernandes School of Business


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