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Guangxi Teachers Education University Students Tour UC

By: Dr. Hem Sras, Dean of the College of Law

On October 22nd, 2016, the University of Cambodia, represented by the College of Law (CoL) and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Languages (CoAHL), welcomed a group of twenty students from Guangxi Teachers Education University in China. The students were on tour for a cultural exchange and practicum in Cambodia. They were students specializing in English teaching. During their tour and practicum period, they sought to learn more about the educational program of higher education institutions in Cambodia. Thus, they decided to choose the University of Cambodia (UC) to expand their knowledge.

A number of UC staff guided them to the conference room for further discussion on higher education in Cambodia. UC representatives, staff, and students welcomed the Chinese students in the conference room. During the meeting, the Chinese students asked a lot of questions regarding the Cambodian education system for both high school and university, and especially about the education program at The University of Cambodia. The representatives of the University of Cambodia, including Dr. Hem Sras and Dr. Suy Sareth, answered their questions satisfactorily by providing full information to them.

The Chinese students learned a lot about the Cambodian education system through this meeting. During the visit, the Chinese students admired Cambodia when they saw many Cambodian students able to speak English so well. The meeting proceeded smoothly, and the tour produced fruitful cultural and educational exchange.


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