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 By: Dr. Suy Sareth, Dean of The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS)

On February 26th, 2018, The University of Cambodia (UC), represented by The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS) held the farewell meeting for EU-Share students in batch three at Conference Room (Second floor) from 16:00pm to 17:00pm. The purpose of the meeting was to congratulate all five EU-Share students in batch three, for successfully completed their studies at UC funded by EU-Share Exchange program.

To begin with, Dr. Suy Sareth, Dean of The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS) warmly welcomed all EU-Share students and participants attending in the meeting. He also briefly reported about EU-Share students coming to study at UC through EU-Share exchange program from batch one to batch four. He then gave a brief overview of the University’s profile including its background, structure its upcoming 15th anniversary.  He ended his remark by congratulating all five EU-Share students for the success of their studies at The University of Cambodia.

Right after the opening remark, each EU-Share student was given the opportunity to give the statement of interest about UC. They expressed their mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement before coming to UC. They then thanked to all UC management teams for their warmly welcome and friendly help during their time studying at UC. After, they expressed what they gained from UC through its various events, just to mention a few, research presentation, mock ASEAN submit, and field trips to cultural and tourism sites in Cambodia. They ended their speech by wishing UC all the best, and hoped to visit UC again soon.

Dr. Suy Sareth gave a brief wrap up on the meeting and strongly encouraged EU-Share students to come to visit The University of Cambodia in the near future, especially on its 15th anniversary.

In the end, Dr. Suy Sareth, on behalf of UC, gave souvenirs to all EU-Share students, and had photo sessions together with EU-Share students and the UC management team participating in the farewell meeting event.

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