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 By: Dr. Suy Sareth, Dean of The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS)

From 22-28 October, 2018, The School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS) on behalf of The University of Cambodia (UC) hosted the Academic Orientation 2018-2019 for the purpose of introducing new students about UC. The event was conducted at UC Conference Center, 5th floor, in four different sessions, morning, afternoon, evening and weekend.
To begin with, Dr. Y Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPA) and Ms. Gina V. Lopez, Vice President for International Affairs (VPIA) delivered welcome remarks by welcoming students to UC, highlighting effective strategies for outstanding academic performance as a university student, and officially announcing the opening session of the event.
Mr. Pay Chheng How, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), presented about SFL including learning outcomes, study programs, course curriculum and admission requirement to SFL as well as to UC. He then focused on career prospects for students graduating in different degrees from SFL.
Next, Ms. Sovann Chanry, Acting Director of Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), briefly explained about the roles and responsibilities of OAA, just to mention a few, preparing class schedules and exams, recording students’ attendance and updating their study records.
Also, Mr. Hong Sophorn, Director of Academic Foundation Department (AFD), introduced participants about AFD, and then shared about services provided by AFD, particularly, preparing AFD certificates, registering AFD students and conducting different exams for AFD students.       
Ms. Chap Chamroeunleakhena, Deputy Director of UC Library, stressed on the important roles of library and the services UC libraries both Main Library and E-Library provided to students. She ended her speech with a short video clip showing about what to do and not to do in UC library.
Mr. Chhean Brasit, Director of Skills and Career Development Center (SCDC), highlighted about life at university specifically focusing on four key aspects:
  • Life changing
  • Knowledge
  • Self-actualization
  • Skills and Career
      In the end, Dr. Y Ratana, VPA, and Ms. Gina V. Lopez, VPIA, gave a brief wrap-up on the sharing sessions and thanked all participants for their presence. And, several critical questions regarding study programs, session change and other related academic services were asked after the presentation providing participants with better understanding about the topic.
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